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What is Kindle Cover?

A Kindle cover is basically everything you could wrap and cushion your Kindle with. You could possibly make one yourself but would you risk damaging a device that cost you a small fortune? Well that the biggest concern. Cover is suppose to bring a protection to something more valuable. A cover is designed to either protect against scratches and dirt or to absorb even a significant shock caused by an accidental, or not, fall. Manufacturers put a lot of effort to make their product durable, comfortable in use and be useful in case of an accident.

Materials used vary from cover to cover and from manufacturer to manufacturer. There are, however, a few major materials. These are: neoprene, leather, plastic as well as natural materials, like hemp. Basic models can protect against scratches. These models are usually made of neoprene. This material kind of looks like a high density sponge, and in some ways acts like one. The thing is that the layer used is rather thin and is unable to bring full shock absorption. There are two types of neoprene covers: sleeves and cases. Sleeves are basically two sheets of neoprene material put and stitched together. The top is open, what is not a problem because neoprene gives enough friction to prevent Kindle from sliding out accidentally. A neoprene case is stitched only on one side. Rest is closed by a zip, what makes removing the Kindle much easier.

Higher models use more durable materials. It's usually leather, however to reduce cost, manufacturers has started using other materials, like faux leather, hemp or plastic. Plastic can be everything, from nylon fibres to hard vinyl or polyester sheets. As it can be supposed hose covers are designed not only to protect from scratches, but also from falls or even hits. As Kindle is a hand-held unit it can be left everywhere, even on a bed or on the floor. Those full covers are especially reinforced to keep the device and its display intact. More advanced models come with additional features, like stands, for hands free operation. Amazon has also released a range of cases with an integrated light. Quite a lot of models are designed to look like a book, however there are also wallets and pouches. There are also Some of them can be closed with a standard zip, buttons or clips.

Covers also differ in terms of mounting. Most common and the easiest method incorporates four elastic stripes in the corners. It's cheap and effective solution, nevertheless it's not the neatest ever made. More advanced models use a special hinge to keep the device in place. That solution helps in having nice and clean view at the e-reader.

Why Do You Need Kindle Cover?

Every year over 25% of electronics goods are being damaged. That mean one out of four items bought every year become broken. Reasons vary, but in most of the cases owner of an electronic device is responsible for causing the damage. The most frequent damages to electronic products are caused during transportation. This is because items are not secured appropriately. Other reason for damages are those caused accidentally with a damages caused by inappropriate usage closing the list. Surely you want to protect an item worth over a 100 GBP. Remember, in order to protect your Amazon 3 Kindle you have to secure it with appropriate sleeve or cover. Lucky, there is plenty of them out on the market with Amazon manufacturing excellent cover designed specially for the newest generation of Kindle.
Kindle Cover with Light

How Well Will Cover Protect Your Amazon Kindle?

Specially designed cover will protect your Kindle in several areas. First, it will protect screen against scratches. Scratches on the screen can affect readability of Kindle. Eyes forced to read through the scratches become tired much quicker than when reading from a clear screen. That is why most of the cases are equipped with a soft, microfiber layer. Second, cover will give overall protection against mechanical damage. Your Kindle 3 will be safe when falling. Covers secure Kindle against accidental damage caused by children.
Leather Kindle Cover

Best Kindle Covers

Many will argue saying there is nothing like the best cover as selecting case for your Kindle is an individual matter. Lets not forget we all have different needs! For some design of a sleeve or case will be very important. Than again, many people will choose cover to protect the Kindle and will not care about the design at all. It is safe to say that all (or most) of the covers are on good quality. Most of them fulfill protection requirements and are made from a high quality fabric. Nevertheless, most popular items are those manufactured by Amazon, with many happy customers believing that as a producer of a Kindle will also provide best cover for it's flag product.
Covered Kindle

Types of Kindle Covers

There are several types of covers to choose from: leather, lighted, funky or stand. Classic leather cover from Amazon has probably the biggest fan base among Kindle users, especially after Amazon added little light to it. Now it is not only elegant but also extremely practical as it allows users to read at night. Both versions of Amazon leather cover - with and without light - are available in seven colours. Both are leather on the outside and have a microfiber grey interior that is doing good job keeping dust and scratches away from your eReader.

Tuff Luv becomes a big competition to Amazon with a series of great leather covers with stand and amazing book-style cases. Manufacturer assures that all covers have been rigorously tested to be tough. They invented new feature, Tuff-Flap, to secure the device more safely. And many customers confirm: your Kindle is safer with Tuff Luv case than with one manufactured by Amazon. Design of Tuff Luv cases is of the highest standard and you will have to spend hours to find anything prettier than them.

Built created a number of sleeves which are the massive hit among Kindle owners. They are so different than a typical covers that can be described only with the word funky. Design is very original, making Built product one of the best selling cover on-line. Built broke up with monotony and it looks like it's aiming in younger generation of Kindle users. Good price, quality and free delivery make this item almost irresistible. Soft inner lining added to the cover to protect Kindle screen from scratches is a guarantee of safety.
Kindle Sleeve
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